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Jan. 8, 2022

Home for sale, Ave Maria: A Guide from the Listings to Closing Process!

When it comes to the real estate sales process, there are a lot of aspects that are hard to comprehend. If you want things to go your way, you must be patient. It involves a lengthy process that takes a lot of time and effort.

However, this guide will help you learn things from the listing process to closing.

Let’s read it out!

How to Create a Sales Page?

Creating a sales listing becomes possible if you break down the Home for sale Ave Maria into three stages. Seller Requirement, Staging Property, and Promotion are all part of this package.

When planning for the construction process, the organization is critical. It's clear when dealing with so many types of customers, requirements, processes, and properties. It'd be a disaster if you mixed them up. Make sure you positively organize all the material.

How Much Should I Pay for This House?

After completing your listing, the most critical step is deciding on a price point for the property. When establishing the property's value, you can't just rely on the seller's expectations in terms of price.

When it comes to Home for sale Ave Maria, the best agents know that they can't please their clients at this stage. You must rely on your skills, training, market expertise, and awareness of current sales practices.

Enabling others to see properties

Following an agreement on a price with the seller, you will need to sell the property. Potential buyers can be made aware of the property's availability by various means.

It's also possible that you've already found a buyer. Whether they are brand new or old clients, prospects ready to move forward can all be included. A CRM program for the Home for sale Ave Maria is a great way to keep track of your contacts.

The Round of Bargaining

Negotiation is the most difficult and time-consuming activity for a real estate sales representative during this stage of the sales process.

Once the terms and circumstances of the sale have been agreed upon, the agent's task begins. Make sure you understand their terms and conditions and any other requirements they've made before bringing them to the seller's attention once you've found an interested buyer.

Before setting up a meeting between the buyer and the seller, it is essential to first negotiate with the buyer and learn what they are looking for in a home. You can improve your game by going from a suggested contract to a negotiating agreement.

Finalizing the Deal

The final step in Home for sale Ave Maria is closing the contract. Although it's the final stage, it's the most important aspect of the entire procedure. Whether you're successful is mostly determined by the final segment. Many deals only make it to step 4 before failing to complete step 5 and thus failing to close the deal.

Step 5 also involves a slew of critical activities, such as completing paperwork, a last inspection of the house, the agreement process, and the actual handing over the keys.

Key Takeaways!

When all the paperwork has been signed, and the documents have been transferred, the last step as a real estate agent is to remove the property from the market. So, for any property-related questions, please contact Mike Anzivino

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Jan. 8, 2022

Home for sale, North Fort Myers: The Ultimate Guide!

If you are thinking about living in Fort Myers, Florida, you may find that it is the best option. The city is known as the "City of Palms."

When you move there, you should find out if there is a job, the expenses you will incur, and whether there are any education costs associated with your move (if you have kids).

The most important thing that you have to think about is whether you need to own a house or if you want to rent one.

If you want to buy, you need to look for Home For Sale North Fort Myers.

It is essential to look out for all these things because only you will feel relaxed before moving. Otherwise, you will stress about everything, which can become a problem.

But there is nothing to worry about; look over the article, and get a better idea about different things.

      Fort Myers Neighborhood 

When you think of moving to a new city, you need to look for your neighborhood and the place where you are going to live. It is essential to look for the Home For Sale North Fort Myers. That can be done by determining your budget.

However, you should first consider what type of house you want to buy, whether you want an apartment, a villa or a house. You should also research schooling and job opportunities. Having the right knowledge about these things is vital, as it is a basic necessity that you can't live without.

      Traffic and transportation

Winter traffic is heavier than summer traffic, so you will need to allow more time when traveling during winter.

For this reason, if you are looking for a home for sale in North Fort Myers, then you should look for an area where all the things are easily accessible, and you do not have to spend time in traffic.

When it comes to traffic, who likes it? If you don't want to get irritated or annoyed, you should first get some idea about it.

      Cost of Living

When you shift to a new place, your expenses increase first, but you need to ensure that it will not be like that. You can make a list of the expenses that you may have to bear when you shift there.

If you think that the cost will increase, you should also get a job that will pay you a high amount. You should look for the Home For Sale North Fort Myers that is on tour budget, and if you think that everything you are getting is amazing, only purchase it.


By now, you may have realized that you have to consider these essential factors before moving to Fort Myers. You can count on Mike Anzivino to assist you in finding the perfect home for your needs. Make contact with him today!

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Jan. 7, 2022

Things to know before moving to Fort Myers, FL!

It's not just the weather and the beaches that make Fort Myers Beach, Florida, a great place to live; it's also the diverse culture and sense of belonging you'll find here.


If you're thinking of moving to the best real estate Fort Myers, FL, here are some considerations you should make.

Let’s see them!


      Fort Myers is an excellent place for retirees to live.


Consider moving to Fort Myers, Florida, if you're looking to retire somewhere warm and lively. Fort Myers, Florida, has been named the most acceptable spot in the Sunshine State to retire, and it comes in first place out of 125 other options.


Fort Myers caters to seniors because of its vast population of 65- to 84-year-olds and its well-known active and outdoor lifestyle. Additionally, residents who relocate to the area will be able to take advantage of Florida's tax-free state income.


Enjoy a tax-free income, stunning scenery, and access to healthcare leaders. There is Home For Sale Fort Myers Beach.


      Living at a low cost.


The low cost of living in Fort Myers, Florida, is only one of the numerous advantages of calling this city home. Fort Myers, Florida, has a cost of living that is 4% cheaper than the national average and 6% lower than the state average, making it attractive to young professionals, families, and seniors alike.


The city, named one of the fastest-growing in the United States, has experienced a surge in population and property costs in recent years. Although housing costs have increased recently, they remain lower than the national average. As a result, residents in Fort Myers may enjoy all the advantages of southwest Florida at a lower cost than those in nearby major cities like Naples and Sarasota.


More and more people are drawn to the neighborhood because of its small-town charm, expanding downtown, and the influx of new restaurants and shops. To relocate to Fort Myers, Florida, now is the best moment. There is Home For Sale Fort Myers Beach.


      Fort Myers is a well-educated city.


Fort Myers places a high value on education. There are excellent public schools in the neighborhood for families with children of school age.

Fort Myers High School and Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School are among the finest in the Lee County Public School System. So if you're looking for ways to further your education, you're lucky.


There are several reputable schools to pick from, and the option to study in a tropical paradise adds an extra layer of appeal. There is Home For Sale Fort Myers Beach.


Final note!


A move to Southwest Florida is never a bad idea, and now is the perfect time to do so.

Get in touch with Mike Anzivino today to learn more about securing a luxury condominium in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. 

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Jan. 6, 2022

Buying a House: A Step-by-Step Guide, Fort Myers, Florida!

 Buying a home is very simple. Make an offer, secure financing, obtain homeowner's insurance, and schedule a home inspection. But, of course, you're used to this by now.


On the other hand, buying a Home For Sale Fort Myers is a completely other experience. 

The process of purchasing a home in Florida differs significantly from purchasing a home elsewhere. 


Florida homestead exemptions, hurricane insurance, flood zones, home inspections, and more are just a few of the issues you'll face while purchasing a Home For Sale Fort Myers


To become a real estate guru in Florida, follow this advice:


Is a Pool in Your Future?

To keep cool during the sweltering summer months in Southwest Florida, you may want to consider purchasing a home with a swimming pool. 


For those who don't have their pool or boat, the rule of thumb is to find someone who has one so that you can enjoy Florida to the fullest.


Patios are now a thing, Lanais.


Here's a piece of advice if you're from the North and are trying to buy a Home For Sale Fort Myers. In Florida, a lanai is a name given to the concrete slab or screen-enclosed space that you could refer to as a porch in the North. 


Although the name has changed, it's still the same product and service. To take full advantage of Florida's year-round splendor, lanais, particularly those equipped with screens, are highly sought after by homebuyers.


Shutters and Windows Make a Difference


During May through September, the weather in Florida may be sweltering. As a result, windows with UV-ray protection and tinting are an overlooked Florida house luxury. In addition, your air conditioner costs will be lessened if you use high-quality blinds and shutters in your Florida house.


Is the Home in a Flood Zone?


Flood zones necessitate additional insurance coverage, which real estate brokers can help you with if you're buying a home in one of these places. One rule of thumb is that annual flood insurance prices go up proportionally with distance from water.


Make Sure you’re protected From Hurricanes.


Wind mitigation insurance, or hurricane insurance to Floridians, protects your house from wind and flooding damage caused directly by a hurricane wind event and is commonly referred to as hurricane insurance. To prepare a budget for your future home, go to your insurance agent to determine what policies you'll need.


Final thoughts!

You'll soon be able to buy a Home For Sale Fort Myers with the fresh advice you've learned from this article. It isn't that difficult to buy a home in Florida, as you may have heard or read. However, purchasing a property in Florida should be a snap if you have a knowledgeable real estate agent, mortgage lender, and closing company on your side.


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Jan. 5, 2022

Top benefits of home for sale Bonita Springs!

 About 40,000 people live in Bonita Springs, a city located in southern Florida adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico.

The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the pleasant weather of Southwest Florida make Bonita Springs an appealing destination for tourists worldwide.

While Bonita Springs is a great spot to vacation for a few weeks, it is also a lovely place to live. 


Here are a few benefits of home for sale Bonita Springs, Florida.


  1. The coldest winters ever


There's no escaping the fact that the temperatures in Bonita Springs and other parts of Southwest Florida are beautiful. Use the summer's high temperatures to cool off at the beach or in a pool.


  1. Convenience for travelers and affordability


Many people who move to Bonita Springs are retired, so they don't have to worry about finding a full-time job or commuting, but those still in the workforce should.


Many job options exist in Bonita Springs, but it is also conveniently located between Fort Myers and Naples, making it simple to go along the coast. 


Bonita Springs' U.S. 41 runs north and south, making it easy to get where you need to go quickly.


  1. Tourists prefer other Florida coastal cities.

Residents of seaside communities may be concerned that a large tourist economy may take away from the sense of community.


Some tourists and part-time winter residents visit Bonita Springs, but it's a lot less touristy than many other places in the state. So in Bonita Springs, traffic will be less of a problem than in areas like Miami and Orlando.


As a result, you'll still be within driving distance of some of the best tourist destinations in the country, such as Naples, Florida.


  1. Small businesses can thrive here.


This region of Southwest Florida is a great place to start a small business or relocate an existing one. You can also patronize local businesses instead of national chains when buying a Home for sale Bonita Springs.


The Bonita Springs Economic Development Council welcomes new businesses to the area, a professional association that assists new businesses with zoning issues and tax laws. Thus, many new businesses are springing up in Bonita Springs, from aviation to retail to green architecture.


  1. Outdoor activities are countless.


Bonita Springs attracts a lot of folks who want to spend more time in the great outdoors, as you might expect.


It should be no surprise that numerous parks and fitness facilities are built to take advantage of the area's year-round pleasant weather and sunshine.


Wrap up!

A good real estate agent could be Mike Anzivino if you are searching for Homes for sale Bonita Springs. Mike has lived in Barefoot Beach for the past two decades and has extensive local knowledge. It is now easier than ever to buy or sell a home.

Our industry experts connect you with the best local inspectors, contractors, interior designers, loan and title professionals, escrow companies, and more!


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Dec. 14, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Real-Estate Investing!

Real Estate Business and Growth Opportunities within this ever-booming industry have always been an important part of society. However, how to get into this field has always presented a dilemma to the people of America.


How about you? Do you also struggle with the same question while finding the Best Real-Estate Ave Maria?


No worries, Here's the one-stop solution to all your Real estate-related problems.



Finding the perfect location for the property, like the best real-estate Ava maria, should be considered the first and the most crucial step before making any investment. Unfortunately, the common mistake investors make before buying the property is focusing too much on the current prices of the property and ignoring the future possibilities and price fluctuations.


A location is reviewed as great only if it has a healthcare facility, bus stops or metro stations, parks, restaurants, and malls all in the same vicinity. All these facilities may be more expensive to get in a single location, but buying a home in a bad neighborhood can have dire consequences.


It's a marathon, not a 100-Meter Race.


If you believe that all you need is to buy a property at a suitable location just as the best Real Estate Ave Maria and money will start raining on your house overnight, You need to give it a second thought.


A long-term investment in real estate can produce great returns after several years, but one must be patient in making the decision. Real estate is not for hurried people who do not have a long-term commitment to a single investment.


It's all about the neighborhood!


Now that you have found an excellent location and are ready to wait, are you familiar with the area in which you intend to invest the money you have worked hard to earn?


Buying a property in a place you're familiar with is always a better option since you understand the area's situation and goodwill. Unfortunately, people are often lured by great marketing and prospects and purchase a property worth far less than depicted.


So, if you are new to this business, resist purchasing properties across different states and cities. Alternatively, you can look for Best Real Estate Ava Maria.


The Leverage Principle

It is a viral money management strategy floated all around the internet and books and even suggested by the so-called financial gurus to invest in real estate using indirect financial tools such as loans and credit facilities.


The actual secret is to buy the property in cash or by paying the entire amount in one go. The seller will always prefer a client who pays in cash or full over the others. It will keep you in the negotiation position and get the best price.


Final words!


By following these steps, you can significantly increase your investment portfolio for Best Real Estate Ave Maria or anywhere else in the world. However, you may also reach out to Mike Anzivino, the reliable real estate agent, for further assistance. 


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Dec. 13, 2021

Tips and tricks to choose the best Real estate North Fort Myers

North Fort Myers is one of the most amazing places, especially when renting or purchasing a house or villa. But the only thing that disturbs every house owner a lot, i.e., choosing the Best Real estate North Fort Myers. It is, undoubtedly, the trickiest part while finding the house! Did you know the carpet can turn out to be smaller than the carpet area promised? Well, if you don't want to experience such fraud, make sure you pick the real estate in North Fort Myers carefully!

Here in the article, we have included how to help you choose the best Real estate wisely.

Research is the Key!

Be sure to do your research before you begin planning a home purchase. Before looking for a home, make sure you understand the real estate market. The majority of the time, real estate agents and builders will offer you enticing prices, which will be hard for you to refuse, but ever wondered why? It's because their paperwork is usually incomplete, and they are just trying to close the deal.

Inspect the Construction Quality!

Undoubtedly, the Construction quality will indeed reveal the actual position and authenticity of the house instantly. If anytime during the property buying process, if you find that specifications and amenities of the house are not proper, then immediately change your mind to buy the particular house even if the developer says that they will get the things fixed.

The developers of some of the best properties in North Fort often bluff their customers by making promises that are never fulfilled.

Documentation will prove it all!

Make sure that your eyes are open, especially when verifying the authenticity of all the best real estate North Fort Myers out there. You should check all of their documentation right away. Look for the RERA number, the no-objection certificate, and the land ownership.

It’s better to draft a checklist while ensuring the authenticity of the paperwork.

Ask the neighbor or ‘co-buyers’!

An excellent way to find the best real estate North Fort Myers is by consulting people who have already invested in and are willing to invest in the property. Talking to people living at the property can tell you whether the claims made are genuine or fake.

Make the right choice with Mike Anzivino!

Mike Anzivino provides you quality homes that reflect the needs of the customers. To select the right home, be cautious and aware of your decision.

By properly following the steps mentioned above, you will lead to choosing the best Real Estate North Fort Myers for your dream house.


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Dec. 11, 2021

What to know about the best real estate in Fort Myers Beach before moving there?

Are you considering making a move to Fort Myers, Florida? Fort Myers is a midsize city known as the "City of Palms." In the early 1900s, the Caloosahatchee River started flowing through the region, where history, business, and nature collided. Since then, it has grown exponentially. 


There are many advantages to moving to Fort Myers, Florida. Whether you want to escape the harsh winters of the rest of the country, enjoy the beaches and water activities, or are just starting a new job, moving to the area is a great choice.


So, this article is intended to provide you with complete things you should know before moving to the best real estate Fort Myers Beach:



Waterfront homes in Best Real Estate Fort Myers Beach are among the most desirable in the state, thanks to master-planned communities like Babcock Ranch and Ave Maria and high-rise condos with stunning views of the Gulf. One of the most significant differences between the two areas is housing costs.


The Healthcare

Southwest Florida is known for its quality healthcare. Residents know how important getting timely and high-quality care is when relocating to this region. In 2016, Lee and Collier's counties had the two best hospitals, NCH Healthcare System and Lee Memorial Hospital. The two most prestigious hospitals in Florida were ranked as such as well.


Fort Myers and Captiva Islands top beaches.

There are many lovely beaches in Florida, but Southwest Florida's beaches are some of the most popular and well-known. Many reputable sites have listed Fort Myers Beach as the 14th best beach in the United States, with waterfront eateries and open-air cafés.


Fort Myers has a good education.

Fort Myers is a city that prioritizes education. There are excellent public schools for families with children of school age. Among the best public schools in the area are Fort Myers High School and Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School in Lee County. There's no need to worry about finding a college education.


Best Outdoor Year-Round Playground

With an average temperature of 74 degrees year-round and 271 sunny days a year, SW Florida is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding through Florida's natural mangroves is a terrific way to get in shape while also getting up and personal with the state's wild birds and diverse marine life. 

Wrapping Up!

This Best Real Estate Fort Myers Beach, Florida, moving guide is designed to help you evaluate your options if you plan to make a move here. Best Real Estate Fort Myers Beach is one of the best places in Florida to retire or raise a family. With its stunning scenery, engaging activities, and world-class cuisine, Fort Myers is also becoming a sought-after location for young professionals looking for rewarding careers. Get started on your move to Best Real Estate Fort Myers Beach today, or for further assistance, connect with Mike Anzivino.

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Dec. 10, 2021

Best Real Estate Fort Myers Tips for First Time Home Sellers!

Have you thought about selling your Best Real Estate Fort Myers? Fort Myers in Florida is one of the US' best places to live, work, and play. The city has a relaxed ambiance and offers cost-effective living options to its residents.


If you live in Fort Myers, you probably know this place's beauty. Also, if you want to sell your house here, no problem!


Home sellers should follow the tips provided in this article throughout the sale of their Home For Sale Fort Myers.


First-time home seller's guide: helpful tips


Hire a realtor you can trust

Choosing a real estate agent wisely and asking for guidance on negotiating inspection results will help you save a great deal of time and energy during the sale process.


A real estate agent plays a vital role during the process of selling your Best Real Estate Fort Myers, mainly if it is your first time. They increase your chances of getting the most money for your home.


Home maintenance and selling your home

You should improve the appeal of your home if you plan on selling it. One reason is that you want to have a stunning home for sale. So, keeping the house in good shape is essential. The lack of maintenance will turn buyers away.


A home must be thoroughly repaired and improved before it is put up for sale, including painting, filling holes in the walls, and replacing any fixtures. This is where a handy person can repair almost anything.


Staging a home properly can help the house sell for a higher price and help it sell faster. A buyer can easily imagine how life will be in the place, and they can easily envision their possessions in the house. If you remove your personal belongings, such as frames, furniture, etc., buyers will find the house easier to view.


Top-level Gallery

Since most buyers search for properties online, their first impression will usually be of your listing photos. They may not have the opportunity to see your property in person, so they rely on photographs for their first impression.


Therefore, you should hire a professional photographer to capture the details of the home. Having good lighting will make for great photographs.


Price your home 

Selling a home can be prolonged if you overprice it from the start. Examine nearby homes and properties in your neighborhood to determine what they're worth.


Easy going with home showing.

It won't be easy to sell your  Best Real Estate Fort Myers in your neighborhood, but if you're serious about selling it, you should be prepared to endure some inconveniences. Cleaning and maintaining your home daily will help it appear neat when you're showing it.


Concluding the deal

This is the final step of the process. It involves signing all the papers, completing all the legal work, and walking through the house one last time before handing over the keys to the buyer.


Wrapping Up!

Once you have learned the steps of getting a home sold, you should also remember to connect with the best realtor, i.e., Mike Anzivino, if you decide to sell your  Best Real Estate, Fort Myers.


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Dec. 8, 2021

All you need to know about properties in Ave Maria

                                                                Home For Sale Ave Maria


Ave Maria has all of the luxuries of the big cities, but with the sense of community that new home purchasers associate with living in a small town. Over the last year, the community has sold nearly 700 new houses, and sales have continued to rise month after month.

In the first half of 2021, new housing sales doubled when compared to the same period the previous year. Based on yearly home start-ups and in-house sales, Metro-study has named Ave Maria as the #1 single-family home seller in the Collier County market for the last 21 quarters.

Ave Maria is the first community in Southwest Florida to be constructed under the Rural Land Stewardship Area program, which crosses the development line and protects 17,000 hectares of land for wildlife. The new system encourages economic variety and sustainable growth in rural areas by conserving natural habitats, protecting agricultural land, and fostering sustainable growth.

In May and June of this year, Ave Maria reported real estate sales that were approximately 50% higher than the same months the previous year.

Buyers in Florida are looking for new homes with enough space to accommodate more family members. Since February, more than 1.12 million persons aged 20-30 have migrated to "Home," according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting. This necessitates larger homes and land, which Ave Maria, Florida can give.

The amount of online searches for properties in small communities is nearly double that of urban areas. This could be because some of the new house buyers are from densely populated areas like Miami suburbs and Fort Lauderdale homes. During the outbreak, people want to get out and away from other people.

As it reaches the top of the list of single-family communities in the hot red Naples-Fort Myers market, Ave Maria-doom-position town's is unmistakable (based on the number of real estate).

Locals and visitors will be able to enjoy live entertainment at the Ave Maria Farmers Market starting in January, with diverse local musicians performing every Saturday. Ave Maria features a mobile downtown with about 40 enterprises, including stores, restaurants, and services. Throughout the year, the public can enjoy free events such as outdoor live music, fuel tours, art festivals and handicrafts, and signature events.

As the school year winds down, our Ave Maria families are making plans for the summer. It will almost certainly include many visits to the city's water park, as well as interesting events in both North and South Park. Summer days will be spent in South Park playing softball, bocce, or tennis, or in several North Park stadiums and stadiums watching a collection basketball game or soccer match.

There are a variety of summer camp choices available for families searching for extra income for their children. We adore how Ave Maria summer camps make full use of all of our city's resources! Check out what's going on in Ave Maria, Florida this summer through us!

We at Mike Anzivino realtors are the best Ave Maria real estate agents more than any other group. We work directly with clients to assist them in locating their ideal property, which is no easy process. We're here to assist you, and we appreciate your contribution to our community.

We at Mike Anzivino realtors allow your clients to explore the fantastic selections and minor touches that they've been seeking in their new house. You will not only see, but also feel, the spectacular Avalon Park, Maple Ridge, and The National Golf & Country Club from Del Webb's 55+ active adult neighborhood featuring single-family homes and gorgeous residences ornamented with the magnificent Avalon Park, Maple Ridge, and The National Golf & Country Club. It is the Ave Maria community's sense of community and communication that makes it so unique.

To learn more about Ave Maria, send an email, give us a call, or visit us in person. Bring your clients to the New Home and Welcome Center, which is located in the heart of the city.

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